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This is me in a nutshell.  I prefer to speak of myself in third person for dramatic effect.

Kory May is a long-time facilitator and speaker. He incorporates humor and laughter into his presentations.  His focus areas are storytelling, leadership, humor and change. He has addressed Toastmasters semi-annual conferences, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the 2015 Beyond Rubies Conference and Procter and Gamble.  Combining improvisational comedy techniques and therapeutic laughter exercises, Kory will remind you that sincere laughter and mirth are gifts that are easy to pay forward. 

Kory May is, among other things, a multiple award-winning public speaker. Those other things?  Distinguished Toastmaster.  Award-winning leader.  He likes baking, eating just enough and thinks ice cream is an under-represented food group.


Recently, Kory joined the Blacklist Improvisational Comedy Group.  This was a therapeutic response to the comments of his older siblings who told him alternately he was either made of Silly Putty, OR raised in a barn…by wolves.

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